Happy Cooker Catering

More than just barbecue!

Finding your nitch after moving to a rural area is sometimes a challenging prospect. I came to Tulare from San Diego in 1974 after finishing college with an accounting degree. Yes, that's right, an accounting degree. Well, we all see how that turned out! At least I can "figure" out ingredients!!

I met my husband, Bob, at the University of San Diego. He was also in the business department. After swearing I would never marry a farmer, here I was, marrying a farmer! Bob's family has owned a farm in the Central Valley since 1950. His dad and uncle purchased the land from the people that Bob's grandparents had originally worked for before World War II. After we were married, I settled comfortably into the role of wife, and eventually, stay at home mom.

Together we have successfully raised three wonderful sons, Jason, who now lives in Southern California, Mark, a personal trainer in Tulare/Visalia, and Todd, also a personal trainer in Tulare/Visalia. From time to time, Mark and Todd help us with the catering.

With our volunteer job at the World Ag Expo, and the Antique Farm Equipment Show, we have had plenty of experience preparing meals for hungry crowds! Our largest group was close to 3,000. Needless to say, we pulled in all the troops to help with that one! Catering just appeared to be a logical choice for people who obviously loved to cook.

We have a great network of people that work with us in the catering venture, and they are invaluable! We are all family, whether real or extended, and we enjoy our time together at work, and play. We often enjoy social events and vacations together. That is true family!!